Norf'k Laengwij

D'Norf'k laengwij staatorf orn Pitkern said dem Bounti myuuteniyas en dems Taahiishan waif lew iin 1790. Today the language is taught by families and at school and is spoken across the community; it is an integral part of the unique cultural heritage of the island. Like many of the 7000 languages spoken across the world, Norf'k is in danger of disappearing and our aim is to provide resources that will engage and inspire our future Norf'k speakers.

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Online Dictionary - coming soon

The Norfolk Island Council of Elders has formed a language commission. With guidance from expert linguists, the commission is hard at work finalising a consultation draft of a standardised spelling. Our online dictionary will contain standardised spelling as well as alternate spelling/s plus audio examples of both single words and words being used in sentence context. Stay tuned!

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